Wing Tsun

The Logical Combat

Wing Tsun Kung Fu
is a traditional Chinese
Self-defence system
created by woman
Ng Mui (a Shaolin Temple Abbess).

The system is enhanced by
Dr.Leung Ting
(the last student of legendary master
Yip/Ip Man - Bruce Lee's Master)
and Prof.Keith R.Kernspecht.

Wing Tsun (WT)

Concept & benefits
WT is modern Self-Defence system based on traditional kung fu.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is first & foremost an attitude; how to logically & practically approach problems.

At the core of WT's concept are the fighting principles & force principles. These principles are definition of physical law. The principles always have value in every fight situation. By following these principles a WT student is able to generate the right solution at the right moment.

1st WT principle - "go forward" makes us active.
Stiffness & excessive force are barriers to being really active. To really be active we have to be softer & more flexible - exactly like water. We are water; embodying what Bruce Lee said: "Water can flow, or it can crash! Be water, my friend."

So like water, Wing Tsun Kung Fu takes the path of least resistance. Application of this philosophy in real life situations means - "avoid a conflict". It naturally teaches "how to avoid a fight" & "conflict management" is an inseparable part of our lessons.

Another characteristic WT - Wingtsun London motto is: "change according to the opponent". We teach our student's how to quickly react & adapt to new situations/impulses. A human's flexibility is the main factor why the human race is so successful. It is not necessary to explain more how important flexibility to our body & mind is for life...

Humans react four times quicker for tactile cues than for visual cues. No wonder that we focus on improving our feeling & sensitivity.

Our logical brain is usually switched off during a critical situation like a fight. Then primitive part of brain takes control over our mind & body. Our system uses progressive methods "how to improve our subconscious reactions".

The effort to control so many movements simultaneously is also good training to improve our multitasking ability.

Wingtsun London solutions are really intuitive. In higher levels a student's body reacts automatically. Therefore WT students are relaxed - as they trust theirs reactions. Also understanding our situation, having knowledge of our logical possibilities improves our assertiveness & makes us more (but realistically) self-confident.

One of the most important benefits of Kung Fu Wing Tsun training is knowledge & experience of how to cope with shock & stress. Less stress results in less muscle tension. Relaxed muscles without undesirable tension are suppler, working more effectively & also our regeneration is quicker. In addition, when muscles are less tense you are less likely to suffer an injury. Muscle tension increases with age, leading to a further drop in energy levels. By releasing the muscle tension & improving our flexibility we can keep our body younger for longer. Relaxed movements are also more dynamic, giving our techniques better penetration.

Fighting is more-less about balance. Therefore our training also improves balance. The best way how to take someone's balance is control their core & torso. Therefore we naturally strengthen & stretch our torso. We also learn how to feel our core & fluidly move with it.

We are actively working with a spectrum of model situations which bring us a lot of new experience of the most usual conflict situations. With experience our chances for a good reaction increase dramatically.

All this improved ability & experience are picked up by students through playful training in a friendly atmosphere, in safe surroundings under a high qualified instructor...

Wing Tsun Kung Fu approach to martial arts in London is really different. By applying the WT attitude & knowledge of tactics & strategy in verbal conflicts or everyday life situations, our life will more harmonious & also happier...

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